Score Saturday: Lucrezia Donati – Bear McCreary

This is Bear’s own favourite piece of music from his original score for the show Da Vinci’s Demons and I have to say that this definitely one of the most beautiful melodies I’ve listened to in my life. Almost all the major characters in Da Vinci’s Demons have their own motifs and you all know how much I love Leonardo’s theme already. But it is Lucrezia’s theme that stays with one long after, I dunno if it’s the harp or how the cello takes off from there dramatically.

Do give a listen.

One thought on “Score Saturday: Lucrezia Donati – Bear McCreary

  1. Wow Uday, I have to agree that this melody is definitely a favourite of mine as well. I found it so beautiful, and found that in the five minutes this was playing, that I was constantly losing myself. Thanks for sharing this one! Definitely going to listen to it again!


    – Ainsworth, Xx 🙂


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