Remembering David Bowie

It’s ironical how ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ is one of my most favourite songs ever(that bassline literally blows my mind) and yet I’ve listened to so few of David Bowie in all the years that I’ve known this song.

Anyway, I open Spotify and lo! Looks like the good people over there have created a custom playlist today feauring 50 of Bowie’s iconic songs over the years. Listening to some of the songs, I can truly see why he was considered an innovator of his time. Some of his musical experiments are hugely exhilirating, and I can only suppose, even more so during his time.


Even if you don’t have Spotify, I strongly suggest giving The Man Who Sold the World a go. Everything, I tell you, everything about this song is fantastic. That haunting opening melody, the slightly robotic voice, the high-octave piano in the background and of course, that prominent bassline!


P.S. The Man Who Sold The World is also covered by Nirvana which is probably more well-known but I just love the original.


3 thoughts on “Remembering David Bowie

  1. Thanks, Uday, for sharing the wonderful song by David Bowie. This is the first time I am listening to that song and I felt I heard similar background music in one of the Tollywood songs :-p I’m sure one of the music directors got inspired from that song.

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    • I thought the same! Though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it! :O Well it wouldn’t be the first time our tollywood composers got “inspired” by western songs.

      Here’s a wonderful example. Listen to “Sunny Came Home” by Shawn Colvin and tell me if it reminds you of any telugu song 🙂

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      • The tune in this song also seems familiar. Not sure where I heard that. Anyway, even David Bownie said that ‘The only art I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from’. Check this link for further explanation of his statement ‘’


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