WPC: Weight(less)


There’s something exciting about zipping your way down a hill in a small cubicle hanging off a rope! Well this recent rope-way ride in the Kailasagiri hill of Vizag made me feel the most weightless anyway.

With a great view of the city and the sea-coast, this is one ride not to be missed though it doesn’t last for no longer than five minutes or so.

For WPC: Weight(less)


9 thoughts on “WPC: Weight(less)

      • They were tall structures with floors that stood still on the ground and used elevators to go up. The “observation decks” were windows all around, so I could see 360 degrees over the entire city. Tokyo Tower is in Tokyo, of course; John Hancock building is in Boston. Each time, because of the height, I could feel the buildings sway underneath me because they’re built to withstand strong winds and earthquakes. Tokyo tower had a seismometer on its deck so people can see it recording the 2,000 + earthquakes that Japan has every day. >.< … Now I live near Seattle, so the Space Needle is the place to go if heights are your thing. I've been the to bottom and looked at the signs for the restaurant up on the top, but no thank you. LoL … My feet will stay on the ground unless it's in an airplane taking me to some other new place. Oddly enough, airplanes I have no problem with.

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      • Omg having to feel a building sway underneath me would drive the bejesus out of me as well! Though I don’t think I’d be scared by heights so much. As for airplanes, I think they seem pretty safe, until one starts to realize that there’s nothing but a layer of aluminium separating them from outside. But of course nobody thinks that 😛


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