FFfAW: Evil Intentions

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sonya with the blog, Only 100 Words. Thank you Sonya!

Mariela crept up the ladder to the water tank, her fingers shivering as she tried to grab onto each rung. She had always been scared of heights, but it’s strange how when something major is messing with your mind, all of the little irrationalities go out the window. Last night…it pained to even relive those moments. The shame, the disgust, and the anger that have been built up inside of her since those horrific moments were almost bursting at her seams.

She had wandered, all her life, from town to town selling herbs and potions. But yesterday night – she couldn’t quite tell what exactly lead to it as the townsfolk seemed friendly at first – they all rallied to her hut, stormed inside and dragged her out by her hair, calling her a “witch”. The little kids, even little Jamie, pelted stones at her and chased her out the town.

Now, the Sun was about to rise. Her feet were starting to get numb, but she had to go on; it was just a couple more steps now. She had to end this.

She opened up the hatch to the tank and poured a bright green liquid into it. They will pay.

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