An evening in Mahabalipuram

About my Laptop situation: Well I can’t believe I ever blamed my laptop but turns out Microsoft is the real culprit here. The recent update to Windows 10 somehow fudged up my keyboard drivers, as the issue seems to be isolated only to Windows. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on the side now (and this revamped version is just fab) and it seems to be working perfectly! My laptop is dying I know, though I cannot say for sure how much time it has got. The wheezes and coughs are getting more frequent but I don’t want to pull the plug until its last breath.

With that aside, I’m glad to be back to seeing everything on the big screen again. So I thought why not share these photographs that I took over the long weekend at Mahabalipuram.

This quaint little town is just an hour’s drive from Chennai and is famous for its well preserved rock-cut sculptures and temples from the Pallava Dynasty (circa 7th Century).  A great place to laze off, it’s a bustling tourist spot these days with people from all over the world who are instantly drawn to its slackened pace of life and the cozy road side cafes.

I never pass up a chance to visit, and this evening was special too.


The view from this lighthouse is amazing!


And this used to be the lighthouse in the olden days!


To cap it all, it’s actually the monkeys that make the trip so amusing!


Look at that fellow, ha!

33 thoughts on “An evening in Mahabalipuram

    • Thanks mate! Actually ever since I’ve been on Instagram I’ve seen people do much more amazing stuff with their Lumia cameras that I felt like such a child!! You should definitely check ’em out sometime.

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      • I don’t have an Instagram account and I don’t feel like creating one. Thanks for the suggestion though.

        I like your photography, or I must say lumiography.

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  1. Ahhh lovely ..brought me back memories of my visit there…In between seeing the chillies I remembered the gudy old raw mango which is normally sold there..dipped in salt and chilli powder..ooooo…mouth watering…nice pics and a wonderful post.

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  2. The latest update zinged all my print drivers and screwed up my AMD too. Microsoft doesn’t seem to care much about the destruction they are wreaking either. That tends to be the way of large companies when they think that you have no other choice but to use their stuff they quit caring if their stuff is worth using. Now would be an ideal time for the big apple move.

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    • Omg that sounds horrible. Try and check if you can uninstall those updates. In my case, that didn’t help either but maybe it will for you. As for moving to the fruit company, I swore I’ll never become an Apple-head taking into consideration the exorbitant amount of money they charge for seemingly ordinary products. But I also know they have the most hassle-free ecosystem. I’m waiting for a divine intervention here 😛

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      • The only way to handle windows is to allow them to destroy my computer whenever they wish and then spend a week repairing the damage only for them to do it again. This has become to price for windows software. I’m not sure that is actually going to come out cheaper than the higher priced fruit. Bwah ha ha. Hopefully windows will start to care more about their customers in the future but it isn’t likely.


      • Well I want to believe Microsoft is actually trying though nothing seems to be going right for them at the moment. Trust me I have a windows phone too, so I know. Bad decisions, bad decisions everywhere. I hope they get their act together and put some effort into making their software usable at least!.

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      • My son gave up his windows phone because of the ceaseless pile of problems. Windows is losing the faith of the new generation of techs with these stunts they keep pulling. People buy what the techs suggest…. Windows needs to step up and produce something of quality soon.

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    • Well it was awkward with the monkeys initially, how they traipse around the place stealing food and water! But then I made peace with them 😀
      Mahabs is simply great. I love the beaches and the sea-food! In some ways, it’s even better than Pondicherry!


      • Hahah exactly! They know their priorities. Food before any type of interaction/affection out of the fear of being attacked.
        Yes it really is 🙂 Mahabalipuram always used to get me confused with Mahabaleshwar somehow as a kid. Having spent a majority of my childhood in Maharasthra, I thought that was the coolest place ever 🙂 do add it to your ‘to go’ list for when you visit the west.

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  3. Uday, I reeeeally wanna say “Please stop torturing me.” but the pictures you take and the places you visit are just so damn magnificent and gorgeous (add 4 to 5 more adjectives). Keep it up my friend.

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      • In order to post nice pictures I need to have a nice camera 😛 The phone I own is a Motorola Moto G, and it’s camera performance is emmm, pretty disappointing. So I’m just waiting to be free from studies, get a job, save some money and buy meself a Canon EOS 700D. THEN I shall visit each and every nook and cranny of my city and show it to ya’ll 😉 (this plan’s deadline is December 2016)


      • Moto G, say no more! I can see how that phone doesn’t phone doesn’t really inspire anyone to do any photography at all. Decent enough phone otherwise, but Android phones have never had great cameras.
        And that’s a great plan! I wanna get a DSLR too but chugging it around wherever I go is a problem for me I feel. These cameras are just too big for comfort. But nothing takes photos like them so I will just have to get used to it I suppose. Anyway, nice that you have a deadline for it. Will look forward to the day.


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