Pray for Chennai

Reblogging this as I’m too disturbed to write in my own words…

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My beloved Chennai which we playfully tease as the city with diverse climatic conditions of Hot .. Hotter.. Hottest – is in a state of pure terror.

Rains are not the occasional soul-cleansing stream of water that triggers petrichor anymore. Rains have caused unbelievable havoc in the city. The residents and the Goverment of Tamil Nadu were not at all prepared for this kind of calamity. Rightly so. Who in their right mind could be ready for THIS much of rain. That too in Chennai.

People that are blaming the government for poor drainage systems and rain water management, I feel you. But no amount of preplanning could have saved us from THIS.

It blows my mind to think that, there have been times in the recent past where “drought” and “water scarcity” were the only concerns of this sinking city. Look at us now.

Every goddamn road is flooded…

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15 thoughts on “Pray for Chennai

    • Hey Arch, yes my place was indeed least affected thankfully. And I’m safely back in Hyderabad now. Will be working out of here temporarily. How’s the situation with you? I read things are getting better?


      • Yes, exactly. Lol I’ve got my mum to pull in the reins on the food front! 🙂
        My school has been affected pretty badly since it’s situated in a low lying area. So, we start only on the 16th.
        And, I suppose you’ve heard about the Jayalalitha sticker fiasco. *sigh*

        Anyway, hope you come back to a better and tidied-up Chennai 🙂

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      • Omg…so much free time time then! How are you spending it!?
        And yes, I did hear about the stickers and also the Baahubali poster! *deep sigh* That was like serious WTF!
        As for me, looks like I’m gonna be here for one more week. I do hope the worst is over but!

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      • Oh gosh, yes. There are limits to political advertising, and they just crossed every single one of them. Studying, studying, and more studying, Uday! Although ALL mostly inefficiently due to this feeling of ‘what even is this thing called school?’.
        But, yup. Chennai has indeed risen above through this courageous recovery. 🙂


  1. Uday, I’m so glad you made it out all safe and sound. 😮 I’m so sorry to hear about these devastating conditions there! 😥 The people of Chennai have been in my thoughts and prayers since Day 1!

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    • Thanks AB. Yep, all’s fine now in Chennai apparently. The water is receding and there’s just so much tremendous support pouring in from all corners of the globe to keep the flood victims afloat. When you go two days without electricity, you begin to see the world in a new light.

      I might be staying in Hyderabad for one more week but to be honest, I really miss Chennai and can’t wait to go back!

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  2. Was not aware of what happen/ happening in Chennai until earlier today, there was nothing on social media or any major international sites that I’m following. Prayers for all those who’ve endured. It’s not to lay blame now, it’s to help those that need it and demand infrastructure is rectified so that is never happens again. Glad to see you’re well.


    • Thanks. The thing is, the same kind of floods took over the city in 2005 and it happened again 10 years later. 10 years to improve the infrastructure and the authorities have failed miserably. At least now I think they’d have got a big slap on the face.
      It’s not surprising that the international media is not aware of this as the India media itself did not pay much attention to the disaster. They covered for a handful of days and then moved on to more spicier news.

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      • Wow!! Yup, sounds just like The Bahamas. Had a Hurricane do the same thing to the Southern Islands a few months ago. This after the storm hit without warning because the weather radar that was badly in need of repairs wasn’t working, so there was not reports of the impending storm. The government’s excuse was, they were accessing what was needed to repair the radar. My thing was, it took you nearly 5years to do this? So I can now see the frustration of people on your end, 10yrs is quite sometime to get your act together. I makes me sick how these people (Governments) have so little regards for human life or property other than their own.


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