SPECTRE: Movie Review


When you go to see a James Bond movie, you don’t get to ask certain questions. Like, how is it that props like sofas and nets are always present at the right spots to break his fall from heights? Or, why are the roads in Rome so vacant when our hero is in a car-chase but filled with traffic just moments after? Or even, why does Bond have to bed every woman that comes his way?

This is not to say that the Bond movies have always been about high-IQ and logic, and we should be able to let all of these remarks slide. Because the man in question – James Bond – is above all of this, and we can forgive little plot slips as long as we are entertained. And he is entertained. So scratch my last question, with all the stress and hard-work he puts himself through, it’s only natural to need to have a release once in a while. Right? Right?

Well, even with all of the glitz and the glamour and the adrenaline-pumping action, Spectre still doesn’t rise up as a worthy installment in the franchise. And certainly not a worthy successor to the amazement that was Skyfall. Halfway through the movie, I realized that I had seen this movie before in countless forms. The screen play was getting so generic and predictable, I actually yawned. And not just that, the script is just so similar to the recent Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation that I seriously wonder how nobody saw it. In any case, what pulls the movie down is the lethargic writing. There is nothing that screams creative or innovative in the script, and even though the movie might leave you oddly satisfied at the experience, it never gives you the high.

There’s one thing I liked most in Skyfall and that’s the introduction of a humane angle to Bond. Putting him through emotional tight spaces that he’s not accustomed to. Thankfully, that endeavour continues in Spectre as well and we get an inkling of his past through the antagonist (Christoph Waltz playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the mastermind behind Spectre), who I should say was menacing, but not enough. The one to beat is Andrew Scott (playing Max Denbigh, a vile British Government official), whose creepy smile is something not very easy to get over. (If you didn’t know, he’s the same guy who plays Moriarty in BBC’s Sherlock)

The rest of the cast including Daniel Craig, of course, are spectacular in their respective roles and make the movie eminently watchable. Lea Seydoux as Dr. Madeline Swann, the Bond girl this time is interesting in that she challenges James and makes him see a different side to himself. And she also proves to be quite resourceful herself, even saving Bond’s ass in one fight. The other highlight is the thumping score by Thomas Newman, which the movie never lets go.

Spectre starts off stunningly with a massively mounted opening sequence in Mexico City, a MacGuffin for our Bond. But it never really takes off from there and insists on staying content with being just-another-Bond-movie. You do get some thrills and a world tour, but there’s nothing to make you want to sit through the movie again.

19 thoughts on “SPECTRE: Movie Review

  1. OUCH!! I’m a huge Bond fan and in my book they can do no wrong. Butttt…..The movie do tend to have a certain drag to them, where it replicas aspects of some file and in some cases stall. But either way they’re enjoyable. What? No mention of Dave Bautista’s performance in Spectre? And I do get your opening points, it was the same for me in watching Casino Royale ( which my brother worked on the set of btw) with the opening Scene where Bond goes from a construction site on the beach, to the African Embassy, and ended up in another scene on the other side of the island. All locations which are miles away from each other, AND traffic in Nassau(where the film was shot) is like NYC in rush hour, even on Harry Potter’s broom stick, no one could get from one end of the island to the next as fast as Bond did. But that’s that’s the magic of film, that we enjoy so much.


    • I get a lot of film magic from Bollywood already, so when I turn to the West I look forward to sensible and better writing because that’s one thing we lack so much in India. (we have a lot of song and dance and action but not much in terms of mind-blowing story material). So I guess I could see how other audience may see this movie in a different light that I did. That said, I did enjoy this movie but it was just not what I went in for to experience. I think they can’t just bank on Daniel Craig, fancy locations and hot women all the time 😉 Especially when a lot of other movies are doing so well. They really need to up their game for the next movie, that’s all I can say.

      And I practically never heard of the name Dave Bautista before today! :O I can’t say anything about his performance- he was suited for the role, I guess. Is he big? (I don’t mean his physique, of course :P)


      • I see your point. But you have to realize that James Bond is a Franchise and there’s not much re-direction they can do with the story lines. As I understand it years ago, the controlling factors in the Flemming Estate (Ian Flemming, creator of the Bond Character) has a fairly tight grip on the story line of the Bond movies. Bond, action, women etc. Kinda like Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones kinda thing. There’s only so much creativity can be added to the original story line of Bond without completely losing the persona. I think they’re more or less banking on Bond the character, rather than Daniel Craig the actor.
        If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, Bautista played the character ‘Drax.’ But better known in the Wrestling world 😉 .

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      • But they really upped the ante with Casino Royale and Skyfall, didn’t they! I mean, Casino Royale was refreshing for it’s high-IQ. I guess I was just expecting too much.

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      • Yh they did because it was the Anniversary of the James Bond, 50th I think. Which is why Casino Royale was brought back to the Bahamas, several of the earlier films were shot there and Sean Connery has also be resident for years. CR, Skyfall and Quantum of Solace were kinda like the prelude to Spectre, telling about Bond’s back story and how/why he became an agent. But I do get your point, i haven’t seen Spectre yet so I’m glad for the feedback 😉 You should have a TV show as a film critic. Your points are really good!

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      • Omg, then I’m sorry for clouding your mind with these negative points. I think you will find the movie to be satisfactory because it does tie up the previous movies together nicely. And they even refer to a lot of events from before, which I know rarely happens in the Bond films 🙂
        And I dunno about the TV show thingy 😉 Really? I don’t think I’m qualified enough for that. I’m still trying to master the formula for a good review. But thanks for the compliment 🙂

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      • You didn’t spoil it for me. I always read the movie review before watching. 😉
        There are no certification in reviewing a movie. You simply have to have a good idea for it, which I think you have 😉

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  2. I saw this one and was not very impressed. It was entertaining enough to be worth the money and time, but I doubt I would ever see it as a rerun. The sound was so extremely loud, I held my hands to my ears unless they were talking and even that was loud. I heard this comment from a couple of other people too.

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    • Well I saw this in IMAX no less, so I spent triple the normal cost!! I did not find the sound particularly loud though, maybe it was just the problem with your cinema.


  3. YESS! This means I made the right decision when my brother asked me “Wanna see Specter?” and I said “Have you even seen its boring-ass trailer? Not interested, dude.”
    I knew it wasn’t gonna live up to the awesomeness that was Skyfall!

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    • Sadly it didn’t. It makes for an okay one time watch, though. Chennai recently got its first IMAX (I know, long story of politics) and Spectre was the first movie they played. So the excitement got the better of me. O_o

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      • You know, when IMAX came in Lahore, the first movie they played was Hercules 😛 Yeah the one with Dwayne Johnson 😀 And I went coz of the hype (of IMAX, not Hercules).. Worst expenditure of a 1000 rupees -_-


      • Was one ticket cost 1000 rupees? The exchange to INR seems to be 0.63 but that’s still too expensive! Here, the ticket is 360 rupees.
        The first IMAX movie I watched was Polar Express (and is still one of the best IMAX experiences I’ve had) 🙂


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