Am I in Chennai or Cherrapunji?

Remember those days when you wake up and hear the rain outside? When it’s all cold and gloomy and perfect, the droplets of rain sliding down your window and the therapeutic pitter-patter lulling you into sleep. So you go back to sleep and wake up later only to realize its freakin’ 2 o’clock in the afternoon!! Yea, today was one of those days.

WP_20151115_15_46_59_Pro (2)
From my window. I realized it’s impossible to capture rain with a smartphone.

My mind is kinda in a trance and not really in a productive mood, so I’ve decided to just lie on my bed the whole day and do some catching up on the TV shows I’ve missed. I’ve got three seasons of Modern Family, one season of Da Vinci’s Demons, and of course House Of Cards has been just lying there all the time waiting to be watched. By the way, if you have been living under a rock like me and haven’t got around to watching Modern Family yet, you totally should! I think I’ve found my next favorite comedy after Friends.

Going out today is not even an option, as the roads have turned into canals. Think Venice, only uglier. Apparently Chennai is pretty hardly hit by the rains and a lot of inland lakes are over flowing their banks, and also transportation is disrupted with several trains and flights cancelled. All because of a little depression in the Bay of Bengal.

Anyhoo, I was prepared for this rain-pocalypse so I’ve got ample food in my room to last a whole day. I’ve also had the forethought to stock up on watermelon lollipops, but for some weird reason they’re tasting sour today. I think the rain is playing with my taste buds.

So, yep. That’s me for today I suppose. *And I just realized that I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. Oh well.

12 thoughts on “Am I in Chennai or Cherrapunji?

  1. “Think Venice, only uglier.” LOL that description can’t be more accurate. It must be an adventure wading through all that water. While I’m here snuggled up with a book in bed all day.
    Just when you think the rain has stopped for good, the rain must think ‘Hah let’s go back, only this time, torrentially!’ How does the world expect this city to work? And the sun doesn’t come out even for a little peep.
    People in my school’s whatsapp group are either posting photos of how they’re almost going to drown considering the amount of water pooled at their place or wailing for a change of how they WANT to come to school. It’s hilarious.

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    • Chennai is just not made for rains, seriously! The first time it rained during Diwali, I was in Hyderabad and we were watching the news on TV and Mom was like, ‘You’re going back to that!?’
      So you ppl have school tomorrow? I heard news that our office is actually closed tomo, though I don’t feel too excited about the prospect. After two days of wallowing in unrelenting rain, I think I’m up for some mundane “work”. Lol


    • Well guess what? We’re just coming from a 10 hour power cut :O The rain started on Saturday and technically hadn’t stopped till about just now. Finally, I can see clear skies and a peep of the Sun 🙂

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  2. Good luck getting through the rains…now you realize what Mumbai have to face each year. Btw absolutely no rain here, only scorching heat and humidity.

    Is Modern Family really good? I’ve read many praises about it but hesitant to take the plunge. And what do you think of The Big Bang Theory?

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