FFfAW: The Secret

This week’s photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com (free to use photos).

Bob clasped Lily’s arm and pulled her out of the house. ‘Don’t open your eyes!!’ he squealed, ‘We’re almost there!’

Lily pressed her eyes shut. Whatever this is better be good, she thought to herself. Bob had made such a fuss about this supposedly “best surprise ever” over lunch that unless he had Gerard Butler waiting on the driveway, she’s going to be very disappointed indeed. Oh well.

‘Ta-da! Open your eyes now!’

He was pointing at a car. There were lots of patterns and designs on the exterior, like probably someone has done graffiti on it but what’s even more strange were the plant thingies on top.

‘Tell me you love it! Don’t you love all those colors!!’ said Bob, beaming.

‘Oh…the colors! Yes yes.’

‘And remember how you always said you wanted a “roof garden”? Wish granted, baby.’

Oh Bob, Bob…

And apparently there’s never a good time to come out to your boyfriend about your color-blindness.

This post is written for the below challenge. Click on the image to read other entries.

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