Why are dogs so picky about where they do their ‘business’?

Well, she does know how to strike a pose!

Taking Winnie out for a walk can feel like going on a treasure hunt. Like, she’s been going out to do her “business” for about 8 years now and yet everyday is a new adventure! She has to smell a million trees and electric poles before exclaiming “Yes, this is the one!!!! Let me grace this place with my waste today.” And meanwhile, she also has to bark at any neighboring or stray dogs ‘coz that’s what dogs do.

The entire ordeal can take anywhere between 25-30 minutes! And whoever is on walk-duty that day need to wait with patience until the job is done, as the last thing you want is the smell of dog poop inside your house. Trust me, you’d think you’d get used to it after some time but you don’t.

I only hope baby human poop doesn’t smell as bad. But I’m bracing myself up for it. And on that note, why haven’t anybody invented ‘puppy diapers’ yet?

And oh, if you clicked on this post to find out the answer to my question, sorry! I am none the wiser.

7 thoughts on “Why are dogs so picky about where they do their ‘business’?

  1. Well, humans are picky too, with all the designed toilets coming in. As far as dog is concerned, its linked to pheromones (sex hormones) where two sexes are attracted by olfaction/smell, and poop carries this odour. A baby human doesn’t need to do so. The day a woman begins craving for men’s urine odour, evolution may bestow enough odour to human poops too.

    Nasty comment. Isn’t it? That’s what happens when you are loaded with biology and lifescience. Hahaha

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    • I did not know that dog poop carried pheromones, this is interesting stuff! 😉 And of course, who am I kidding, I’m picky about my bathrooms too 😛
      And hey, Biology is probably the only kind of science I used to like in school (when you discount Computer Science, of course. But is that real science anyway?) So, thanks for this wonderful comment, nasty or otherwise!


  2. Baby human poop is only bad after they leave off breast feeding. Then it’s disgusting. Dogs don’t take any longer to find a place than I do when I’m out and about. There are many times I’ve checked out six or seven bathrooms before finding one that I deemed usable. 🙂


  3. Sometimes I wonder if dogs just take their own sweet time finding the “perfect” spot to leave their “deposit” so they can spend more time outside walking and sniffing. Their smart enough to know that you took them outside for good reason.

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      • So you’ve wondered that to. Where I live you have to walk the dog on a leash so I’ve had to learn you don’t jerk the dog when they are going around sniffing. I really think the dog is training you! (And we say dogs are dumb animals.)


      • Haha, lol! We have to walk her on a leash too. They really make sure that we get all the training we need, and some nice human tricks too – like throwing a treat on cue! 😀


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