Know Thy English: Why you always go “home”, and never “to home” ?

This is one of those things we all get right subconsciously, and yet it somebody were to ask why, I doubt many of us would be able to provide a conclusive answer!

Let me explain with example –

I’m going to school. 

I’m going to the movies. 

I’m going to party. 


I’m going to home. X  

Woah, what just happened here? According to the rules of English, the above sentence has to be accepted, right? One might think so. Only, it’s not.

See, ‘home’ is one of those special words in English which can act as an adverb of place. (Quick recap: Adverb modifies a verb). So ‘home’ is a noun, but can also act as an adverb if it wants to. Hey, I’m not making the rules here!

So, the sentence

I’m going home. 

is perfectly alright because ‘home’ is modifying the verb ‘going’. I’m going towards home.

Here are some more examples which sound awkward when you try to insert any preposition:

Is he home?

I called home but nobody picked up.

She is staying home today.

I’m driving home.

And here are some more words that are also adverbs of place


Keep in mind to not use any prepositions with the above words too!


2 thoughts on “Know Thy English: Why you always go “home”, and never “to home” ?

    • Haha, I say ‘grammer’ all the time too 😉 And also seemingly simple words like ‘weird’. Without auto-correct I’d be doomed for sure!
      And come on, I’m sure your English is pretty good already! Is there a language section on the SAT?


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