Score Saturday: Far Horizons, TES V: SKYRIM – Jeremy Soule

Skyrim is simply my most favourite video game for the reason that it puts an entire continent on your hands to be whoever you want to me and do whatever you wanna do. With a boatload of quests and side-quests, I think one can extract hundreds of hours of gameplay from this one single title alone.

The music is also something that’s as immersive as the visuals. I think Jeremy Soule has outdone himself in this one, with expansive and adventurous scores that fit the imagery so well. The best, of course, is Far Horizons. When I close my eyes and listen to it, I feel like I’m back in those snowy mountains, the flowing rivers, a little butterfly that flies around you, the enchanting inns and taverns. Aaah. How I miss Skyrim.

6 thoughts on “Score Saturday: Far Horizons, TES V: SKYRIM – Jeremy Soule

  1. Soule ❤ I've been a big fan of his music since Morrowind. Spent hours just walking around the countryside in search for the next exploration track. Actually he was my main inspiration to start my own soundtrack project Celestial Aeon Project and eventually led me to publishing unofficial music packs for Oblivion and Skyrim. If you are interested, here is a compilation of the Skyrim pack: – it got quite popular response on Steam.


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