FFfAW: Deutscheland

Providing our photo prompt this week is Sonya, author of the blog, “Only 100 Words.” Thank you Sonya!

Mark looked up from his cards to the other men at the table. He had won! A couple of minutes later, Mark and his friend Mitch were walking out of the pub with two third-class tickets for Deutschland, the cruise ship to Germany.

As the ship’s gates were to close in the next ten minutes, they began to sprint towards it when Mitch suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“Woss the problem, mate?”, asked Mark, panting.

“Man, don’t you feel the déjà vu!”

“What déjà vu? What the hell are you talking about? Come along now! We have less than 5 minutes!”

“No, man, this all feels too familiar, I tell ya!” Mitch shook his head, “This ship will sink!”

“Eh?” Mark sighed. “Mate I told you not to watch that movie again.”

“But just, what if? Don’t you feel the…feels?”

Maybe, but what if I get to meet my Rose?”

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9 thoughts on “FFfAW: Deutscheland

  1. Great story Uday! Hopefully, the ship won’t sink and Mark will get to meet his Rose! I assume the ship you are referring to that sank is the Titanic. I would be afraid of getting on a ship if I had just watched that movie. 🙂 Wonderful story and I wanted to tell you that in the very first sentence, I would change “on the table” to “at the table.” Thank you for your participation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blimey, thanks for pointing out! I wonder how that passed my scrutiny! 😀
      And yes, I’m referring to the Titanic of course. I just wanted to mirror the initial moments. There, Jack wins the tickets by winning at Poker and here Mark does the same too!

      Liked by 1 person

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