Score Saturday: Gopura Vaasalile Title Score – Ilaiyaraaja

This week I’m going Indian!

And who else to look up to than Maestro Ilayaraaja, the ultimate king of musical scores. He is the first one to fuse western classical music with Indian music creating a sound that was unique to him. And it’s not untrue that a lot of dud movies got uplifted just because of his music. They say that Ilaiyaraja integrated so many symphonies in his scores and when you listen to this, you will agree for sure.

This movie came out in 1991, the year I was born! And the quality of music is simply outstanding. Something even the contemporary composers in India today cannot match with. The visuals you see are of the train ride to Ooty in Tamil Nadu which really is a magical experience and this video captures it perfectly. Throw in Ilaiyaraja’s music and you have something that you can watch again and again, discovering new layers in the music with each listen.

Hear it start with the flute, moving to the rhythm of the train. Then some violins and percussions and then he hits you out of nowhere with the bit that begins at 2:10.  Crescendo violins! Just utterly brilliant. Goosebumps every time.


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