Score Saturday: Fringe Opening Theme – J. J. Abrams

FRINGE is one show that I used to like immensely, being a science fiction nut. In addition to mind-bending plots featuring future science, alternate timelines, parallel universes- it also brought to the fore some pretty amazing characters whom I’ve adored and still do. It was not a very popular show by any means as far as viewership is considered but it did manage to accumulate a small group of cult followers who swear by the show, me included. And for a difference, the writers tie up all the lose ends with satisfactory answers to almost all the questions.

The Fringe opening theme always gives me the goosebumps. This one’s an extended version created by a fan, and I picked it because it is simply the best version of the theme out there.


5 thoughts on “Score Saturday: Fringe Opening Theme – J. J. Abrams

  1. I LOVED that show and missed John Noble, he was awesome in that show. All the cast members were, but think his character brought just a little more. I’m also a Science Fiction buff and yes I do believe in alternate universes, alternate time lines, and think that Deja Vu, our dreams, flashes(peripheral visions) are all apart of a greater picture.


    • John Noble seriously deserved an Emmy didn’t he! 😦 Fringe is one underrated show in my opinion. I’ve seen so many TV shows after, but none gives me the pleasure and warmth of watching Walter White, Astrid, Olivia and Peter solve a puzzle week after week.

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      • It truly was underrated and YES he did deserve an Emmy! I was upset about that one. I loved the entire team, also loved them bringing Leonard Nimoy in as I’m also a huge Star Trek fan. I think a lot of people never understood the genius of Fringe.


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