Score Saturday – Black Sails Main Title- Bear McCreary

Using a never heard of instrument like Hurdy Gurdy (You too? Wikipedia it!), Bear creates an interesting opening score for the pirate show Black Sails.  This guy is the boss when it comes to experimenting with instruments.

5 thoughts on “Score Saturday – Black Sails Main Title- Bear McCreary

  1. I love Black Sails because a lot of it was filmed back home in The Bahamas. But also because I’m fascinated by pirates, have always loved the opening theme, which reminds me of some of the old festivals that were held on the island when I was a little girl. But had no idea about the ‘Hurdy Gurdy.’ Thanks for that, think I’m gonna go our and buy one……LOL! Just kidding.

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    • LOL I’d get a Hurdy Gurdy too but I don’t think anyone’s selling them in India 😛 I only saw a couple of episodes of Black Sails till now to be honest but I love it already. What got me interested is when they said they were gonna cancel Da Vinci’s Demons as other shows like Black Sails were doing a lot better than that!

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  2. LOVE Bear McCreary’s music. Everything he touches becomes magical. His credits are impressive and I can usually tell when I’m watching something that he scored before checking for the composer’s name. There’s just some kind of unique quality about his music that so perfectly fits the atmosphere and mood of whatever project he’s working on. Have you seen this from his website on how he came up with the theme for the “Outlander” series?

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    • Oh yay! Did not know you were his fan too 😀 I adore Bear McCreary, he’s just so creative! And you are right, his music has a superior quality out of all the composers that you can usually tell it’s him. Did you listen to his scores for the show ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’? Simply out of this world. Even fetched him an Emmy.
      I was on his website before when he used to write about the thought process behind each episode of Da Vinci’s Demons. But did not read about the Outlander series. Thanks for sharing!

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