FFfAW: Void

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Graham Lawrence. Thank you Graham!

Mary trudged into her beautiful garden and stared deeply into the half-finished painting on the easel. Her heart lightened a little as she remembered her sudden realization two days ago, how she had been painting mountains and landscapes all through her life but never got down to paint her own little paradise in the backyard. But had it only been two days since…?  It felt like a century.

On Tuesday, Mary setup her easel to finally paint her garden. And everything was coming along nicely when all of a sudden she heard a crash from the inside. She raced to the kitchen, her pulse quickening. Ben was lying on the floor in a weird angle, unconscious. Three hours later, the doctors declared him dead.

Now, two days later, as she looked at the painting again she finally knew how to make it feel really complete. She painted her husband in – also a first – like he was sitting on the park bench and smiling at her.

“The Paradise” hung over the mantelpiece of their home for all generations to come.


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15 thoughts on “FFfAW: Void

  1. Wonderful story Uday! How sad that her husband passed away, but so wonderful that she decided to paint him into her “paradise” painting. Lovely story! Thank you for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge.

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  2. The husband’s sudden death is very sad, but somehow offset by the fact that he will never be forgotten because of the painting. That was lovely tribute to a well-loved husband. Nicely written.


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