Udayology is now on Twitter

Why? You ask.

And I will reply, “Yours is a question with many possible answers.” 😛

Anyway, in the off-chance that you’re indeed interested to follow me, the handle couldn’t have been simpler: @Udayology.

Apart from links to all the blog posts, I will also be sharing any interesting tid-bits I find online so be sure to hit me up!


8 thoughts on “Udayology is now on Twitter

  1. Uday!
    Congrats on getting to be on Twitter. I went there as per the link but could not find you there.
    Tell me how to go there or you look to that.

    One thing I wanted to ask you.
    All my new posts, when the day I post them on my Blog they are FULLY displayed on the WordPress information page on all emails of our followers. Fully I mean the whole post is or can be read at the email itself. While in most blogs I find the post given in few lines and then it states …..Read more of this Post, when they click on that they go to the respective blog and read the rest. In my case I think since the whole post is displayed I am finding my blogging friends not visiting my blog. Now, tell me does that happen so. Please do not mistake me, I have observed your visits to my blog have reduced, you might be busy I suppose, but is that true that bloggers shall read at their email level and would not wish to come to the blog which has posted the article. I see very few blogs are displayed Fully like that. Ofcourse it might be the WordPress arrangement also.
    I feel you understand what I mean to say. Could you throw light upon that.
    Good Morning and wishing you best for the Day.


    • Which link did you click on? Do you see an embedded tweet in my post? There will be a Follow button in there. Otherwise you can simply go to twitter.com and search for ‘udayology’. You should easily find me.
      AS for your question, I have unsubscribed to all the mails so I don’t know about mails showing up the entire blog content. I usually read all the blog posts from the Reader. And I think when people do that, it doesn’t count as a view towards the blog if I’m not wrong. but I think you can control it. There is a setting that you can set to only display ‘excerpts’ and not the full text.


      Please try to open the above link and set the radio button to Summary and not Full Text. And let me know how it goes.


  2. Uday!
    Let me first Thank You.
    I pressed the link what you mentioned and it got open to my Reading settings, as you said it was for full text. I have now marked it as ‘summary’ and shall save the settings.In site visibility it was for Discourage
    search engine I have now made it for Allow search engine is that correct.
    As for your twitter site I shall drop in there.
    Do read my latest posts and some poetry I have recently written.


    • That’s great! I will check out your posts, I do usually read your posts but I may not comment if I do not have anything to add. I seem to be following too many blogs lately and it’s becoming a bit hard to keep up to be honest.


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