FFfAW: Ciao

Thank you so much to Scott, with the blog, Scott’s Place, for providing our photo prompt this week.

As Jimmy walked up to the horses to say his final good-byes, the only thing he felt was guilt. He shouldn’t be leaving them, but fate had her own way. And Athena, he did not have the courage to face her…

For sevenย years now, Jimmy had worked on the ranch. He tended to the horses and the sheep, and even though it didn’t pay much he did it lovingly. It had been the first summer after he joined that he found a white colored pony wandering outside the ranch. No one knew to whom it belonged. So Mr. Poe decided to take her in. ”Tis not everyday you see a white horse in these parts, boy!!’ he said cheerfully. Jimmy quickly took a liking to the pony. He liked that she looked so regal with eyes that spoke of brilliance. He promptly named her Athena, much to Mr.Poe’s dismay.

For seven years, he had seen her grow into an adorable horse. She was always sport for a ride and was a great listener too.

As he stroked Athena’s forehead now, Mr. Poe suddenly appeared behind and looked at him tenderly. “Tell you what, boy! Take her with you. I think she’ll like it.’ ย 

Slightly longer this time at 205 words but I couldn’t chop off anything. Also, I don’t know much about the cowboy culture and animal ranches so please pardon if I have made any conceptual mistakes here.

Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. Click on the below image to read more.


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