A very good morning in Chennai

One thing that you should know about me is that if I have my mind set on something, I’ll do whatever may be required to achieve it.

Wait, did I just say that? Strange, never realized that till now myself!

Anyway, where I’m getting with this is that – I had a sudden realization on Saturday evening that it’s been almost two months since I last caught the sunrise over the beach! I had this nagging voice at the back of my head that I had to remedy it ASAP! So I decided right then that I’d go the Marina beach today morning, not because it’s a good beach but that’s the only beach that’s close enough for me to take public transport to AND reach before the sunrise. And that meant that I had to wake up early, how early?? 4 frickin’ AM! I calculated all the times in my head and found that unless I wake up at 4 and get on the suburban train by 5, I had very slim chance of reaching before the official sunrise time today that is 5:57 AM. Yes, I checked.

You probably know that I’m a night owl so my usual go-to-bed time is around 3 AM. Yea yea, I know it’s bad for health and everything but my brain is just so much more active before I sleep than after. As I type that now I see how nonsensical that sounds, but it’s true. And I never trust myself with the alarm; once I get to the REM sleep mode, not even an atom bomb exploding right next to me can wake me up!!! So I made the executive decision that I simply won’t go to sleep at all! I’ve done this before and I had a little sleep Saturday afternoon so it shouldn’t be such a big issue. Passing time was not a challenge, I had a backlog of Masterchef Australia Season 7 episodes to watch, and I binge-watched 3 of them.

Then it was time, and after my morning ablutions I found myself on the 4:59 train to Chennai Beach! All aboard and set!

The rest, as they say, is geography. (Hehe)

There is just something about the morning weather that is so mystical in quality. Be it the chilly wind brushing your skin, the sweet scent of vegetation, the chirping birds, a little dew on the grass and the intensifying blue and orange of the sky.

As I walked to the beach from the station, there was the smell of fish in the air (probably the fresh catch of the day) and I had a sudden craving for fish! I’m not someone who squirms at the stink of fish you see, in fact I quite like it. Probably was a sailor in my previous life. Anyway, turns out that I won’t end up having any fish for the day sadly.

But I’m digressing, so the walk yes. I walked about the iconic Napiers bridge and my mind suddenly erupts into the song ‘Fanaa’ from the movie Yuva for no reason. But then I realized that an important scene in that movie takes place on this very bridge. Human brain works in mysterious ways indeed!

After that I finally reached the beach, though I was off the target of 5:57 by a large margin that the Sun had already risen and was a good 20° above the horizon. But it was totally fine, as it’s almost impossible to catch the Sun touching the surface of the sea anyway! I spent the rest of the time doing beach-y things, read: sitting meditatively and staring into the beyond.  And watching dogs play in the waves. Yes, I had a jolly good time.

And then, I did two important things that have been in my to-do list for a long time!

1. Have Idly Sambhar at Ratna Cafe, Triplicane (Breakfast)

They really do have the best Sambhar and are very generous with their servings too.

2. Try out BACON! Ciclo Cafe, Kotturpuram (Lunch)

Yes, I’ve never had bacon before. For one, pork is not eaten much in India due to various reasons (psychological and religious) and bacon is not something you can go to any supermarket and purchase. Also, only a few restaurants have it on their menu. I had the Carbonara, which is a classic Italian pasta dish with bacon. And I can now totally see the draw for bacon, as it was yummy yummy yummy! I was like, just get me a bowl of those pancetta and I’ll chew away to glory!

And what did I do in-between breakfast and lunch? I went to the Anna Centenary Library and read up on the Knights Templar! Did you know that the Priory Of Sion is completely fictitious? Boo, Dan Brown! Totally disheartening, I say.

So goes the life of a wandering soul.

11 thoughts on “A very good morning in Chennai

  1. Oh My! Beautiful shots. I once participated in a night marathon on this lane, crossing Napiers and all! Was really good 🙂 How does one create a photo album btw? Good question to ask a Geek I believe 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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