Score Saturday: Rains of Castamere- Game Of Thrones

This is the song that starts to play before the massacre that is the Red Wedding begins. You cannot miss how ominous this piece of music sounds. Needless to say, I like this more than the Game Of Thrones theme song – which is good, but doesn’t do anything to me.

There are a lot of versions of The Rains of Castamere. The official version actually has lyrics and goes something along the lines of “a Lannister always pays his debts.” But of course I love the instrumental version more which we first heard during the end credits of that masterful Tyrion trial episode in Season 4.

There are a lot more “busy” versions on Youtube, but I like this original a lot better. Featuring just one Cello, it’s uncluttered and gets straight to the heart.

The below is a Violin cover of the same which is one of the best covers out there.

13 thoughts on “Score Saturday: Rains of Castamere- Game Of Thrones

  1. I have yet to read those books, but I refuse to watch the series until after I’ve read the books. They’re on my TBR list, but many other precede it. I’ll get there someday.

    Great song, though. 🙂


    • If GRRM’s pace is anything to go by, we still have a decade or so (I’m not kidding!) before he finishes the last book, so you have time! 🙂

      And actually, I’ve decided to not watch the TV series at all and stopped right after the second season! They deviate so much from the books that it’s frustrating at times. The book is already too complex, and if you’re asking me to keep track of two versions of the same story, then no thanks!


    • Oh you’re welcome Arch! It gives me the chills too. The world of musical scores is enchanting and I’m happy to be sharing it with ya’ll. Do you watch Game of Thrones?


      • Agreed! 🙂
        Nope, not yet. Have been wanting to, though. NEED to, if opinions of people who are crazily obsessed are considered. 😛
        BTW, do you think I should read the books before I check out the show?


      • You know there is no conclusive answer to that. Some people LOVE the books while some people have a love-hate relation with it. I fall into the latter.

        What I suggest is read Book 1 first. Then watch Season 1. At this point you will know how to proceed further. The books are very good till Book 3, after which they become needlessly boring and long.

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