Marriage is Not An Accomplishment

Because this needed to be said. Period.

In my country too, people place a lot of emphasis on marriage and how it’s a mandatory step that’s supposed to happen within a particular time. But all I say is this, don’t marry because you have to, marry because you want to.

Beyond Beirut

I know people who have spent their whole lives dreaming of their wedding. To them, marriage was always the ultimate goal: their way of saying they made it in the world and that they became a grown-up. They would spend hours talking about nothing other than landing the perfect man to take them away from the lives they were living in their parents’ homes.

And once they did in fact get married, it was like they got a complete personality transplant. Sadly, some of these super bright young women became muted, and their once vibrant personalities, secondary to those of their husbands.

Seeing that happen in front of my eyes has indeed made me fearful that society will only look at me as Ahmad’s wife, not as my own person with a skill set and capabilities.

But my fears have already been too well-documented and I have spent too much…

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