Score Saturday: Enough for One Life, Assassin’s Creed – Lorne Balfe

The Assassin’s Creed games are a fantastic melange of history and sci-fiction. And as a true history and art nut, these games have given me plenty of opportunity to experience the medieval period (especially Italy!!). Unfortunately, as it is always is, too much of a good thing can be bad and that’s exactly what happened to the franchise. Lately, they’ve become stale and mundane and I just wish something comes up to restore the franchise to its full glory.

Anyway, one of the key takeaways from the games is also its wonderful score. Usually very regal, and reminiscent of the times the games are set in, the composers have always created these incredible mood pieces that stay with you a long time after you’re done playing the game.

For today, I’ve chosen this little haunting piece that you can call the recurring motif of the franchise. This particualar one is composed by Lorne Balfe.


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