Happy World Photo Day!!

Thanks to a fellow blogger, I came to know that August 19 is celebrated as the World Photo Day! Well, everything has a ‘day’ these days, so why not photography too!

Sunset at Tannirbhavi, Mangalore

So today I thought I’ll write a bit on what photography means to me:

I don’t exactly know how it started, considering the fact that I didn’t even have a camera phone until I was like 18 years or so. But I guess I’ve always had a propensity towards ‘art’ from the very beginning. The prospect of creating something new has always held a fascination for me. In that sense, I guess Photography is actually not as much as about creating as it is about capturing. Nevertheless, the way someone captures something differs from each other and tells a lot about that person in my opinion. So, in a way, my photographs show you the world as seen through my eyes. And each photographer has his own eye, which is what makes the whole prospect so interesting. Multiple interpretations of a single object, and each one tries to tell a different story. The power of a great photograph can never be under-estimated!

Also, for me, it’s a great way to hoard memories. (which, funnily, is the primary intention of Photography). Looking back at a photograph, one can easily get transported through time and place and live in that moment once again. I rummage through my collection all the time, some photographs bring back a smile, some bitterness, and some make me wish time never passed. Case in point, the above photograph of the sunset which I shot whilst I was traveling solo in Mangalore earlier this year. I had such a wonderful time, amidst some of the best beaches and some great food that my mind always does a boomerang whenever I revisit one of the photos from that trip.

Oh, and just as a trivia, everyone now agrees that I acquired the ‘photography gene’ from my maternal grandfather! He lived in an age of photo films, and actually used to get so many of them developed week after week that there is now a full bookshelf at my grandmother’s place filled with just photo albums.

So what’s your story? And remember, it’s never too late to start clicking! šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Happy World Photo Day!!

  1. Your grandfather has set you a wonderful example. I hope you get many opportunities to look through his albums and absorb he memories he has recorded for al time. Just be sure you keep a backup of the digital images you wish to keep because as time goes by they will simply disappear back into the ether. Make printed copies too if that is practical.

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    • I do have all the digital photos backed up to the cloud. So unless something happens to Microsoft or Google, my collection is safe! Sadly, we don’t take a lot of printed copies these days, but I guess I need to take the special ones at least.


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