FFfAW: The balloon lady

This week’s photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com

“Ma! I want the horse!! The one up there, the blue one!!! Puleeeease!!!!’

Donovan, a boy of 4, dragged his mom towards the balloon lady. A hefty woman, she, but also had the most welcoming smile which never failed to attract kids. No one knew her name though, they just called herΒ  ‘the balloon lady’. If that indeed had been a reference to her body than her occupation, she did not care. She had more important things to do.

‘You sure?’ Mom asked Donovan in a dubious tone. ‘Last year you got a giraffe, but never played with it!’

‘No! I promise!’ said the eager Donovan.Β  His mother gave up and gestured at the balloon lady, ‘We’ll have the horse please.’

‘Oooh wonderful, just a sec!’ The balloon lady got the horse down and in a swift motion, stepped behind the wall of balloons.

‘You know what to do!‘ she whispered to the horse. The horse blinked its eyes and nodded.

‘That’ll be two dollars, dear!’

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18 thoughts on “FFfAW: The balloon lady

  1. Such intrigue between the balloon lady and the horse. What is this thing the horse knows it must do? Now you’ve left us all guessing, Uday. I hope it’s not too sinister, for the little boy’s sake. Nicely done, Uday. πŸ™‚

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