Drishyam and Masaan – Movie Reviews

Today was one of those rare back-to-back movie days. But what was I to do, a lot of good movies have come out lately and I absolutely love the cinema experience. Watching in on the tiny screen of my computer just does not cut it.

I’m gonna keep it crisp and to the point, as it’s 2AM in the morning and I’m too exhausted for a comprehensive analysis.

First up:


Having already seen the original Malayalam and the Telugu adaptations, I ventured to see the Hindi version purely for the performances as I know that this is not a script that you can twist much. It’s pretty darn perfect and brilliant in the first place that all the adaptations follow it to the T, with only minor trivial changes if any. So here are my observations:

  • Watch it for Tabu!! This lady knows how to act, period. I concede that all the women who played the role of I.G in different versions were incredibly good but Tabu was just so much more better in my opinion. She brings out all of those minor as well as major emotions so splendidly on to the screen. And that climax scene, where she doesn’t utter a word and yet says so much through her eyes.
  • Ajay Devgan played the role with the right amount of restraint and solemnity. Mohanlal was still the best though. Shriya Saran was pretty and acted quite well, but I was seriously disturbed by all the lipstick she wore all the frickin’ time. I mean, even while going for a police interrogation?
  • The little girl. Not really impressed. The expressions looked very labored.
  • The movie’s set in Goa, so the locations were quite good and I also loved their house with that ochre paint!
  • As far as the adaptation goes, it’s quite faithful and does justice to the original. Watch it because this is one movie where the script is hero.


  • First of all, how glad am I to see movies of this sort being made! Sometimes one does really need to step back, slow things down and look at life from a different perspective. Deserves every bit of the Cannes applause.
  • Dreamy, poignant, poetic, lyrical, stark, austere, grimy, gritty, symmetrical (and also cemetery-cal)  – are some of the adjectives I’d use.
  • Coming to the story, it’s about two people – a man and a woman – who separately commit two reprehensible mistakes. One has to pay its price. The other will remain scarred for life. How it all ends is what you have to see on screen.
  • Set in Varanasi, this is one well-researched film!
  • The performances are all top-notch. Richa Chadda felt too tepid at the beginning, but once you come to know that there are more layers to her it all makes sense. Vicky Kaushal is a revelation. Rooted and earnest, he is sure to steal hearts. The rest of the cast was perfect too.
  • I thought was background score reflected the tone of the film perfectly. Muted, and springing up only when necessary.
  • The setting, the cinematography were all apt and I couldn’t help but notice how beautifully framed each scene was. There is not a lot of beauty in the actual movie; but the craft, you bet!
  • I liked that there was proper kissing. And that they didn’t shy away from showing it. This is how you do it, Bollywood directors!
  • There’s one scene where Devi(Richa) enters a house but the camera stays outside. We hear dialogues but we don’t see it happening. That was one splendid touch.
  • Now that I am home and am retrospecting, I cannot say assuredly what this movie really is about. It talks of a lot of things, and I think each one interprets in their own way, but I see it was a story of people not finding the closure they seek.
  • The only issue I had was that I was waiting for a bang ending, and did not get it. But it at least ends on a hopeful note.

So there you go, two really good movies and I’m so happy I got to see them. Did you already watch these? If yes, lemme know in the comments what you thought. If no, then you should be at the cinemas already!

15 thoughts on “Drishyam and Masaan – Movie Reviews

    • Oops sorry, my notifications are broken. Seeing this just today! :O So anyway, regarding the lipstick, I understand wearing it while going outside but do people really wear it 24×7!!!? I think that’s totally unnatural! But that’s just me, I suppose.

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  1. Err I was so looking forward to watch Masaan but it hasn’t released in cinemas here :/ I guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD release. Drishyam on the other hand, oh man oh man I LOVED that movie! Haven’t seen the original, but this was top notch direction and acting! Especially by Tabo and Ajay 🙂 Gave a beautiful message that if you’re family is standing beside you, you can take on the entire world 🙂

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    • Hey AB! Drishyam is now made in 5 Indian languages! It’s an unbeatable script, yo. Tabu’s final stare at Ajay is still lingering in my mind. What a wonderful actress!

      Did you watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan??

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      • Uff that final scene man, Tabu stole the whole show with those dead-eyed stares! Kamaal (y) and Bajrangi yess I diddd 😀 Really wonderful movie.. I always love meself a movie that shows Indo-Pak bonding ^_^ But there was one thing, I don’t like how your film industry always portrays the Pakistani land to be so ancient, filled with sehra and huts 😛

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      • That’s how these people have painted Pakistan for us since ages. Even today, when somebody thinks of Pakistan the first thing that comes to their mind are arid lands with ancient stone houses, terror lurking around every corner. Not many people even bother to look up Pakistan on the internet for what it really is!!
        So imagine my surprise when I saw Islamabad and went – boy that looks more swanky than us!! 🙂 If you can recommend to me any good Pakistani movies, that would be wonderful!!


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