Music Monday 3.8.15 – AGAM

Contemporary Carnatic Progressive Rock.

Not something I ever thought I’d see in one sentence. But this sensational Indie band AGAM has been doing it for years and let me tell you, their music is just divine!

Classical Carnatic and Rock are simply meant to be together!! Carnatic as you know is one of the two forms of classical music in India, the other being Hindustani. I can’t tell you how incredible it sounds to have raagas laid over something like electric guitar. Music from Indian films has become too insipid these days, with rarely any bold attempts. But Indie artists have the luxury to create varied pieces of music and I’m just glad the whole indie scene is taking off in our country right now.

Sharing two of my favourite songs of theirs.

Dhanashree Thillana. Let the infectious beat take over you. I can’t help bob my head, shake my legs and do a mad dance with my fingers whenever this song is on.

The Boat Song. Simply out of this world. The Carnatic base works wonderfully. Watch out for some stellar electric guitar.

11 thoughts on “Music Monday 3.8.15 – AGAM

  1. You are making my day today. My favorite band, favorite singer and this is what I hear on loop when I am down 🙂 Go hear them live if you ever get a chance ! (and if you haven’t already)

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  2. I guess I’ve seen this band perform in IIT Madras Sarang event. remembered it coz of the Boat song, it was awesome!! Listen to music by the band Arka. They’re pretty good too and on similar lines.


  3. No matter how I tried, I just couldn’t get to enjoy this style of music. I glad I got the opportunity to listen to it though, it certainly helps to get an idea of alternative tastes to mine.


    • I knew this would be a hit or miss for non-Indians. I guess one needs a bit of exposure to classical Indian music to appreciate this style of music. I’m glad you tried it out though!


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