Wait, did India just ban Pornography?!!

Welcome to India, we progress backwards.

So the news channels explode today with the fact that a lot of porn websites have stopped loading on multiple ISPs since yesterday. And finally, someone was able to get an official confirmation. The government sent notices to all the ISPs with a list of 857(!!) websites that are pornographical in nature and which are to be blocked with immediate effect in the name of “morality”!!

Huh, what do you say to that?


I mean, what is the meaning behind this? Do they really believe that porn poses a threat to the society? What kind of delusional crap is this? Why can’t they ban liquor and cigarettes? Surely, they pose a more realistic threat to humanity don’t they?

I won’t go in detail about the studies that have been performed which show that porn is actually beneficial in that it creates a safe avenue to satiate one’s sexual thirst. And when has something ever been totally suppressed by banning it? You tell someone that something is off-limits and now all they want to do is do that one thing!

My biggest problem is this: They are taking away my liberty. As a citizen, I should be able to do whatever the heck I want if I’m not harming anybody else. I don’t want the government to tell me that porn is bad! I don’t want the government to decide any shred of my lifestyle!

And anyway, it’s not even as if this will stop people who really know their way around the internet. All you need is a VPN or a proxy server, and you can bypass this filter. The gigabytes of porn already on my hard drive notwithstanding.

And you know what that the biggest irony is, we are the country who produced the effing Kamasutra, the mother of pornography!! *speechless*


15 thoughts on “Wait, did India just ban Pornography?!!

  1. I was thinking of the same thing. Will they ban any interaction between the sexes. If they want to curb over population, staying single with porn is a better way 😀

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    • Haha…let’s hope not. People are saying what will do they about all those rock carvings on Khajuraho temple! Surely they can’t cover them up!


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