Know Thy English: Advice vs Advise

This is a very simple mistake that I come across from time to time so thought I’d clear it once and for all.

Now, repeat after me –

Advice – Noun
Advise – Verb

Some folks, I can only suppose, are not even aware of the two forms and use ‘advice’ in both the scenarios which is incorrect.

So, when you want to say:

He gave me an advice.

You use the one with the ‘c’.

But when you want to say:

Please advise on the below.

You use the one with the ‘s’.

See? Easy peasy!!

Another word with such conundrum is practice. Again the same rules apply:

Practice – Noun
Practise – Verb

Peace out!

19 thoughts on “Know Thy English: Advice vs Advise

      • Of course. But honestly, Ubuntu fonts are not rendered properly on Windows compared to Linux. I mean when I compared those two (one in Windows, one in Linux VM), I found that in Linux, the font was much more pleasing to view (technically, it was much more anti-aliased).

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      • Oh my you’re right! The fonts on Ubuntu are generally very smooth and anti-aliased, but I remember Windows 7 did have a feature called Smooth Fonts somewhere, dunno what happened to it now!

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      • I’ve searched for it but it’s lost somewhere along with XP, I think. Even ClearType doesn’t help.


      • Hehe, I hope so too. Maybe next week you could do then/than because I know a lot of people that get that one wrong. Can’t wait for next week! And these issues aren’t silly at all. I’m just glad that someone’s addressing them.

        – Ainsworth 🙂

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      • Gawd, English is one confusing language, isn’t it! you think you know something and then find out that you had been wrong all along. Happened to me a lot of times :O


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