Know Thy English: Advice vs Advise

This is a very simple mistake that I come across from time to time so thought I’d clear it once and for all.

Now, repeat after me –

Advice – Noun
Advise – Verb

Some folks, I can only suppose, are not even aware of the two forms and use ‘advice’ in both the scenarios which is incorrect.

So, when you want to say:

He gave me an advice.

You use the one with the ‘c’.

But when you want to say:

Please advise on the below.

You use the one with the ‘s’.

See? Easy peasy!!

Another word with such conundrum is practice. Again the same rules apply:

Practice – Noun
Practise – Verb

Peace out!

19 thoughts on “Know Thy English: Advice vs Advise

      • Of course. But honestly, Ubuntu fonts are not rendered properly on Windows compared to Linux. I mean when I compared those two (one in Windows, one in Linux VM), I found that in Linux, the font was much more pleasing to view (technically, it was much more anti-aliased).

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      • Oh my you’re right! The fonts on Ubuntu are generally very smooth and anti-aliased, but I remember Windows 7 did have a feature called Smooth Fonts somewhere, dunno what happened to it now!

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      • I’ve searched for it but it’s lost somewhere along with XP, I think. Even ClearType doesn’t help.


  1. Nice one Uday! I’m really starting to like these “Know Thy English” posts. Once again, keep up the good work and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one! That’s what I would advise, hehe.

    Peace out,

    – Ainsworth šŸ™‚

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    • Thank you bro…I’m sure these issues must sound very silly to you? šŸ˜› A lot of Indians do make these mistakes but! Hope my advice reaches at least a few of them šŸ™‚

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      • Hehe, I hope so too. Maybe next week you could do then/than because I know a lot of people that get that one wrong. Can’t wait for next week! And these issues aren’t silly at all. I’m just glad that someone’s addressing them.

        – Ainsworth šŸ™‚

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      • Gawd, English is one confusing language, isn’t it! you think you know something and then find out that you had been wrong all along. Happened to me a lot of times :O


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