Score Saturday: Where We’re Going – INTERSTELLAR – Hans Zimmer

**Skip to 3:30 for the good bits! And turn up the volume!

As promised, the first installment of Score Saturday is here!! I initially had something bigger planned for today, but when I saw the movie Interstellar again recently, I realized how powerful its music was. Often times muted, like this one, but so much emotion riding through on those little notes. I’m sure other people have their favorites, but for me it’s this track ‘Where We’re Going’ that comes at the conclusion of the movie that makes it. Maybe because it’s also accompanied by a very emotional scene. There’s a bittersweet dad and daughter reunion. There’s loss. There’s adventure. And then there’s hope, in the new planet, somewhere far away. The simple repeating note keeps on getting more intense as it progresses.

Hans Zimmer, I bow to thee!

Revisit the scene once again. I always end up with a knot in my stomach.

You told them I liked farming? It was me Murph! I was your ghost!

I know. People didn’t believe me, they thought I was doing it all myself. But…I knew who it was. Nobody believed me. But I knew you’d come back.


Because my dad promised me!

I’m here now Murph. I’m here!

No. No parent should have to watch their own child die. I have my kids here for me now. You go!


Brand. She’s out there. Setting up camp. Alone, in a strange galaxy.

Maybe right now she’s, settling in…for the long nap.

By the light of our new sun.

In our new home.


2 thoughts on “Score Saturday: Where We’re Going – INTERSTELLAR – Hans Zimmer

  1. Hey man, so I listened to this composition this afternoon and was throughly impressed. I’m definitely considering watching Interstellar now. I also found out that this piece was composed by none other than Hans Zimmer. Whose work I have listened to and also enjoyed. Thank you for this very amazing post. You’re off to an excellent start man, keep up the good work. I’m definitely looking forward for next week’s!

    – Ainsworth 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED INTERSTELLAR YET!!? Apologies for the capitals, but why!! It’s like one of the best movies of 2014, definitely keeps your brain rolling.

      And thank you, if anything, this series will at least be a record of my favourite scores, lest I forget in future. Hans Zimmer is great, I will share some of his earlier works in future especially Da Vinci Code which I like!


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