FFfAW: Do you wanna get a portrait?

Thank you to Etol Bagam for our photo prompt this week.

“Two hundred rupees for a portrait!!!” Paraspara’s voice rang through the crowd.

It was the monsoon season and a lot of people have come to visit the Tallsome Falls in its full blown avatar. If at least ten people decide to have their portraits done today, she thought, she would earn enough money to run the household for a whole month.

A little girl in a pretty pink frock gazed at her signboard and tugged at the man next to him, perhaps her dad, but he shook his head and they walked past. However, it was only nine in the morning and Paraspara was confident that someone would eventually approach her.

Sure enough, at about a quarter past ten a man came up to her and asked to have his portrait done. He was in his mid-thirties but looked well built, most of which was showing through his tight fitted T-shirt and checkered shorts. He sat on the stool with crossed legs and gave a thin smile. Paraspara picked up her easel, dipped the brush in black and started doing his hair.

Everything was coming along nicely, and she was finishing up the contours of his chin when a bird flew past behind him. She thought something was off but couldn’t quite put a finger on it. But a second one flew behind him and it hit her. The man was translucent.

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14 thoughts on “FFfAW: Do you wanna get a portrait?

    • Well, your inference is more clever so let’s stick with it! 😀 Sounds like a very interesting idea too. Maybe her tools had the power to suck the color out of anyone or thing!!


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