Would you really buy the world’s slimmest phone?

So recently Micromax ran a TV ad showcasing their latest smartphone that is only like 5 millimeters thick or something. The entire ad was focused around how one can drop this phone through tiny slits, hurl them at your enemies, and unscrew screws even!! Sure enough, Hugh Jackman who is the brand ambassador and also features in the ad, remarks by saying ‘Slimple’ at the end. As if he’s saying,

It’s the slimmest phone out there, dummy! Do you realize how vitally important that is??

Which got me thinking. Why would anyone want a phone that doesn’t feel solid in their hands. What’s the exact advantage one gets by having a phone with which you can unscrew stuff !? No seriously, I am really looking for pointers here, as I cannot even think of a single rational reason.

So yes it may slip into your pocket easily. And might give you an impression that it isn’t even there. But is that really what one would want?

With the sizes of screens increasing day by day, a slim phone only means uncomfortable handling. The ergonomics go out the window when you have a 5-inch phone that’s also 5 mm thick. Because it would just  feel like holding a cardboard, a very expensive one at that and which can at any moment slip from your hands.

Which again brings me back to my question. Why? Why would anyone ever want a slim phone?

  • It’s awkward to hold a slim phone. Can anyone deny the fact that iPhone 4 was more easier to hold than iPhone 6? Why? Because it became thinner and larger.
  • You won’t feel it in your pockets. If someone snitches it off you, you won’t know until much later.
  • The sharp edges will press into your palms, not a very good feeling.
  • Slim phones are much easier to drop!

Weight also matters!

Please don’t fall into the marketing trap and consider the weight of a mobile as a deciding factor. It’s always better to buy a slightly heavier phone than a lighter one, for the same reason that a phone should always feel solid in your hands. Weightless phones scare the hell out of me!

Mobile phone companies these days use whatever they can to lure you into buying their devices. But as a buyer, you should always try to strike a good balance. You wouldn’t want something that’s too fat or too heavy obviously but never think that slimmest and lightest is the way to go either!

Slim phones might be engineering marvels, but they’re also something you don’t need in my opinion.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this, do let me know if you think I’m wrong!


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