Happy Windows 10 Day, folks!!!

I guess 29th of July 2015 will go down in history as the day Microsoft showed the world the boss that it really is. It’s made mistakes in the past, tried to radically alter the user experience which eventually resulted in a lot of backlash. But I’m sure that Windows 10 is going to undo all of those things. This is THE OS to have! And if reports from around the world are anything to go by, people seem to be loving it and so will you!

So the question is, did you upgrade yet? Oh and did I mention that the upgrade is absolutely FREE!!! Yes, in a mind-boggling decision, MS have decided to upgrade genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs to Windows 10 for free. The intention is to get as many people as possible to Windows 10 ASAP, because they know that a lot of people pirate anyway.

Being a Windows Insider, we were given early alpha builds of Windows 10 and the feedback Microsoft received from users was greatly used to shape the OS that you see today. This is really the first crowd-sourced OS in the world, a smart move there by Microsoft as they decided that the best approach is to tailor-make the OS as per customer feedback. It’s a win/win for all the parties involved.

So here are the 10 great things about Windows 10 –

1) The Start Menu is back! And it’s better than ever. MS struck a good balance between the traditional menu of Windows 7 and the live tiles from Windows 10. It’s the most usable Start menu yet!

2) CORTANA: She’s the personal assistant that gets to know you through time and prompt you with stuff that interests you continuously. She will also perform household activities like setting an alarm, add calendar events, open apps and so on. She also has a feisty personality and can be quite fun to talk to!

3) Your desktop now has a notification center. Just like your mobile.

4) Killer first-party apps for Outlook/Calendar and also Music and Video.

5) Windows Hello. If you have eligible hardware, you can now login just by sitting in front of your computer.

6) Multiple desktop support for people who miss it from the Linux world.

7) Adios Internet Explorer! Welcome Microsoft Edge. The brand new browser from MS that has some really cool features like web notes and reading list, and also has Cortana baked in. I use this browser as my daily driver now and can vouch for its stability.

8) Continuum. The one feature that has everyone talking about. All the 2-in-1 laptops, the UI will now automatically change to Tablet mode when you’re using your device that way!

9) It is lighter! What started with Windows 8 continues here. There are absolutely no 3D elements anywhere. And nothing that’s too graphic intensive. The performance optimization also seems top-notch.

10) IT IS FREE!!

So just go and get in already!

Any questions on features or updating, lemme know in the comments below. You can also visit this link from Windows Central that has most of the info.

How many of you are looking forward to this upgrade? Or are you content with Windows 7/8.1? Do you think Microsoft got it all wrong yet again? I’m all ears to hear your thoughts! Sound off in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Happy Windows 10 Day, folks!!!

  1. It’s much lighter than any of the previous Windows. I checked its RAM usage and it was just 600 MB.
    Microsoft Edge is superb but Cortana is still unavailable in India. I expect an update soon.

    Long live Windows 10! ✌️

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    • Cortana Devi is expected to come very soon, per a Microsoft exec. Fingers-crossed. She already has a lot of cool local jokes. 😀

      And regarding performance, they did a great job for sure. It runs perfectly fine on my 7 year old laptop. Now that’s saying something!

      Jai Windows 10!


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