Music Monday 27.7.15 – Lean On

I’m trying to bring some order to my posts here, a calendar of sorts, which is sorely missing from this blog. It will at least give me a compass as to what to write on a particular day. And it give will you an idea as for what to expect when. I previously had a Song Of The Week segment which took a beating this last month but which I really want to revive. So I gave it a a new name and a new slot – Music Monday! This is when I’ll be sharing a song/songs that were on my playlist that week. You can expect songs from the west, as well as in Indian languages of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam as these are the ones I mostly listen to.

And since I also love musical scores a lot, there’s also gonna be a Score Saturday, where I will highlight one musical score from either a Movie/TV Show/Video Game. The world of epic orchestral scores awaits you!

That’s about it on the music front for now. 🙂

To start off on a cheerful note, this week I’m presenting one song that slowly grew on me this past week. It’s apparently on the top charts now, and the music video is actually shot it India which makes it doubly interesting!! Perfect song to groove to.

I love it when you comment!

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