FFfAW – My love for you…

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sonya O. Thank you Sonya!

“My love for you is like that swan ice sculpture!” Billy announced, pointing. Tracey stopped in her tracks and considered for a moment.

“So you’re saying your love is cold?”

His face drained of all color. “Very funny, try again!”

Tracey smirked and stroked her hair, pretending to be deep in thought.

“It’s pristine and also transparent?” she asked cheerfully.

Billy rolled his eyes. “Hmmph. Not what I had in mind, but sounds good.”

She threw her hands up gesturing that she couldn’t think of anymore but he prodded her on.

“Eventually it’s going to melt?” she said finally. “Is that what you are saying?”

“Kind of…”

“Kind of??” she glowered at him.

“No! That wasn’t the point.” He took her hands in his and held them to his chest. “Okay maybe it was a bad analogy. But what I meant was, you and I both know, we did put a lot of effort into this relationship. We could have given up but we didn’t. And we finally have carved something like this beautful ice sculpture. But I’d hate to see it melt just because we couldn’t maintain the right temperature. You know what I mean?”

She was silent for a second and then slowly nodded, tightening her grip on his hands.

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12 thoughts on “FFfAW – My love for you…

  1. Sweet =) typical of the guy to say something completely out of context and the girl to get all interrogative about it xD
    But, a super cute story. Awesomely writtenn!


  2. A conversation in danger of getting totally out of hand, I’d say. Still, he explained himself well in the end. I ike the way this dialogue plays out, Uday. It presents a nice, humorous story. πŸ™‚


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