Knock knock. Who’s this?

So Sylvain from over at Sylvain Landry Photography invited me to participate in his new weekly photo theme challenge. Merci, Sylvain! Anyway, as someone who’s always ready – sleeves rolled-up and all – for any kind of photo challenge, I said out loud “Bring It On!”

And then he announces that the theme for the week is “Moi“. You don’t have to be French to know that it means “Me“.

I got stumped. I don’t do portraits, leave alone of myself. Needless to say, I have very few respectable selfies. So I pondered over how can I make it both easy and interesting at once.

The inspiration struck when me and my sister visited a bookstore earlier today. I thought I’ll do something that I’m very good at doing. And if you guessed “hiding behind a book”, you’re bloody well right! 🙂 So me and my sis had some creative fun, posing with different books, until one sales guy came over and said, almost apologetically, “Sir, photography not allowed inside store.” 

We had already taken some good shots by then, so we were like, “Good for you, bruh!” 

So here you go. C’est moi! 

Edited in Lumia Selfie

My sister complains that my eyes were too boring, but I guess those are my standard reading-eyes! 😉 

Anyway, je vous recommende participer en ce challenge! (Pardon my Frenglish)

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