FFfAW: The Outcast

One day a little gooseberry opened her eyes and found herself in a vineyard. Everything looked strange and alien, the other fruits around her were of the same color but looked pretty different otherwise. They were oval, their skin had better sheen and were hanging around together in bunches while she was alone and separated.

When the grapes looked at her, they immediately knew that she was not one of them. The gooseberry felt lost. And even though she loved the sweet smell of the grass and those distant verdant meadows, she constantly lived in anxiety and fear that maybe she did not belong in the vineyard. That’s how the grapes had made her feel anyway. She craned her neck to see if they were any more like her. They probably were – she couldn’t have been the only anomaly, she thought strongly.

Days passed. The grapes constantly threw lewd remarks, criticizing the ugly scales on her skin and how she wouldn’t even taste as good. But one fine morning, an other gooseberry popped up next to her. She welcomed this little brother with delight. Soon, there were a bunch of gooseberries. She finally had company and did not have to face this battle alone. The grapes were starting to get intimidated too. It was not going to be so bad after all, she realized, with a smile.

Grapevines photographed by Vanessa Rodriguez. Thank you Vanessa for our photo prompt!

This has been written for the challenge Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Click the below image for more details.

14 thoughts on “FFfAW: The Outcast

  1. What a lovely little story. Being alone in life, without others like her, must have been a daunting experience for the little gooseberry. The vines, with their perfect grapes, made her feel that she didn’t belong there, which made matters even worse. How easily we can apply this to real life situations, too. I’m so glad that friends arrived in time to support the little gooseberry. Nicely told, Uday. πŸ™‚

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    • Haha! That’s quite a rebellious turn that I hadn’t anticipated. But sure, why not? πŸ˜› Maybe they’ll even name it – wait for it – “Berryard”!

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