Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day, America! Keep doing your thing.

Okay so that’s done. Moving on. 

This post is actually about the song “4th Of July” by Amy MacDonald (who happens to not be an American). And if you haven’t heard of her before, you’re seriously missing out. She’s evidently one of the few female singers who doesn’t sing sappy songs of love, romance, boyfriends, break-up…and all that kind of stuff. And even when she does sing about a possible flame, she does it in a very mature way. Which I simply adore.

I first caught her song “This is the life” on Vh1 and immediately fell in love with her voice and those piercing eyes. Oh and she’s got a lovely Scottish accent, which by the way doesn’t show in her singing. But I saw her interview once and was literally drooling all over the screen. Serious.

Back to the song in question, I love it for the foot-tapping tune and I simply am mesmerized by all those interspersing guitars, trombones, and the addictive backing chorus. It’s only weird that today is the first time that I’ve actually watched the music video of it, even though I must have heard this song like a million times before. Anyhoo, it’s a good song to put you in the holiday mood. Happy Weekend!

UPDATE: I couldn’t help posting this other song. Amy in all of her glory!! What happens when you give a full blown orchestra to a powerhouse singer. The trombone guys did not know how to stay in the background, but we can excuse that I suppose.


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