Triumph – It’s a wrap for Photo 101

When I think of triumph, my mind immediately lands on this one photo. This is a full moon, captured at mid-night over a beach. It was the very first time that I tried Long Exposure photography on my Lumia. And what a place and subject to try it on too. I was ecstatic with the results as the actual night was no so bright at all. You know how full moon nights really are. It made me wonder how this camera is able to capture light that is not actually present. It’s only later I understood the technical details behind it.

I’ll also remember those nights. Just me and my friends, on an almost deserted beach. Settling down on a fishing boat and talking about all kinds of random stuff while watching the moon rise over the sea. It’s a strangely satisfying experience.

The moon is not round, I know! My hand shook! -_-

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