The Writeress

Katie scurried to the exit of the deserted park. How long had she slept? She remembered entering the park at about 10 AM and settling down under a cherry tree with her laptop to write something for the magazine. She was already way past her deadline, and the editor had made it very clear this time that if she doesn’t have something up by tomorrow, she may as well be looking at a pink-slip. Juggling two jobs, coupled with irregular sleep is starting to take a toll on her.

She remembered dozing off about halfway through the article, her back resting against the tree, laptop on thighs. She had woken up with a start, looked around in a daze only to find the sun setting on the horizon. The fountain in the pond has been shut off. There was no clatter of kid’s playing. No rustle of the wind blowing. All she heard was the distant cackle of a bird.

Benny would have returned from school. Oh, poor Benny. He hated coming back to an empty house.


          This week’s photo prompt is kindly provided by Dawn M. Miller. Thank you Dawn.

This has been written for the challenge Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, where we are supposed to write a story over a photo prompt. 

10 thoughts on “The Writeress

    • Yes people always keep saying how much writing doesn’t pay, but I think it’s not impossible if we put our heart to it. There’s always a way. It’s an eternal debate isn’t it? What is more necessary – money or personal satisfaction?


      • Well I agree and I believe writing can sustain us financially. However, perhaps the stigma is that it is very difficult to establish yourself as a successful writer and the struggle will be very tough before you finally become established.
        And to provide my opinion to your question, in most cases money could be the root behind happiness. Most, but not all.


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