Why people usually don’t give a damn?

In our office we always have three trash cans next to each other everywhere. Each is meant for a different kid of waste.

1) Organic waste 2) Paper, Tissues etc, 3) All plastics.

And guess what? No one cares a damn!

If you open and saw inside each of the cans, you’ll find exactly the same thing: a mix of organic, paper and plastic. Apparently, people think that segregating waste is a mini-game provided by the company that they are not interested in playing. Or they do know why they have to do it, but they don’t do it anyway. When people drink coffee or tea, they get a paper cup and a plastic stirrer. How difficult is it to open two different trash cans and throw paper and plastic separately, I cannot fathom.

This indifference is what gets to me so much. 

The who-gives-a-flying-fuck attitude.

I cannot speak for everyone, but I observe this in my country almost everywhere. There are dirty rivers and lakes, garbage ridden beaches, and severely littered roads. And no matter how many “cleaning drives” are organized, as long as there’s no change in the society as a whole, what difference is it going to make? You clean a beach today, and people will start littering it again from tomorrow.

When did we become so selfish?

Why don’t we mind defiling the environment as long as our own house is clean?

Why do people doodle on historical monuments?

When will we start treating our planet with some respect? 

All questions, but no answers.

And what triggered this outburst? This.

A sign at the very beginning of the beach
But people are like, “Bitch, please!”


13 thoughts on “Why people usually don’t give a damn?

  1. I honestly wish people would start giving a damn. Here in the UK people see and walk passed trash cans yet there’s some kind of force compelling them to leave rubbish on the floor. Society has deteriorated so badly and so quickly that hardly anyone cares about the planet anymore, they only care about themselves! Its selfish, very selfish.

    Great post!

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  2. PM’s “Swachh Bharat” goes to waste I think. People haven’t changed yet. If we don’t do something on individual level how can we expect the government to do the cleaning.

    Great post!

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    • Taking a broom and sweeping your locality for one day is no use. People have to be educated on the need for cleanliness. The “people will clean up after me” attitude should go.

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