A tribute to James Horner: My top favourite musical scores of his

I was saddened this morning to hear of James Horner’s untimely death. A double Oscar winner, he was an extremely talented musician who gave us such memorable scores in Titanic, Avatar, Braveheart, Apollo 13 and many other movies. For some reason, the sinking scenes from Titanic have been lingering in my mind since this morning ever since I heard the news. How ironical that he had to die in a plane crash, of all things.

Truth is, we have lost one of the greatest composers of the contemporary times. The man whose sweeping orchestral scores literally poured life into many a movies.

Unfortunately, I have not heard all of his music, but these are some of my absolute favourites of his. Stuff that I always carry in my smartphone.

1) Rose’s Theme – Titanic

Titanic is one film that catapulted James’ popularity among the movie goers. “My Heart Will Go On” is probably the most recognizable song ever. It is just perfect in every sense. But if you’re looking for something more haunting, the hum version of this song called ‘Rose’s Theme’ is one I always settle down with in loop. Just brings back all of those emotions…the sea..the ship…Rose…

2) The Destruction of Home Tree – AVATAR

This is such a powerful score that it never fails to move me to bits whenever I listen to it. Coming at a very crucial moment in the film, it perfectly underscores the action and the destruction and the agony that follows afterwards. A masterful track, my favourite bit starts from 4:10 and up until the very end.

3) A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics – A Beautiful Mind

I absolutely love this track! The way it starts off, marvelously building up intrigue. Then seguing into the more somber notes.

4) For The Love of Princess – Braveheart

I remember looking for the score as soon as I watched the film, me being a sucker for sweeping violins! This one takes on epic proportions midway and makes for an amazing listen. I love the kind of mixed emotions this one evokes in me.

5) A New Nervous System – Bicentennial Man

One usually remembers this movie for Robin Williams, he was a fantastic actor and I still cannot digest that he is no more. And James Horner as usual imbues such delicately soulful music into this film that perfectly compliments the humanoid robot’s emotional journey through the film. The below is one glorious example.

6) Rooftop Kiss – The Amazing Spider Man

A track that sounds very simple but is beautiful in its own right. A very soothing track.

RIP James Horner. You music will live on. 

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