Tracking the Light

I pass through this suburban railway station twice everyday, once on the way to office and back. In the evenings, I almost never get to see it when there is still light outside as I usually stay in the office till 7 PM or so. But one day, I finished my work early and got to pass through it when there was still light. And the result, wow, I was blown away by the colors of the evening sky!

For the Photo 101 theme: Warmth and Quality of light

19 thoughts on “Tracking the Light

      • No worries! I’m excited to spend more time wandering through your blog, although it may take me awhile to get the ball rolling. Unlike most other bloggers, I’m following more than I have time for. πŸ˜€

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      • I’m following around 25 blogs or so and it’s starting to become difficult to keep up with everyone already 😦


      • Completely agreed. I can’t keep up with all the blogs I’ve followed. I try to visit my top-of-mind favorites at least once a month and do a binge read but others that are just as worthy have slipped through the cracks. The other thing that gets me to check a blog is a comment on one of my posts but even then, I might forget.


    • Thanks. Yea, it’s amazing how smart mobile cameras have become these days. This was an auto HDR shot, which otherwise would have required me to take multiple photos at different exposures and stitch them later.


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