“Fish Tails” #FFfAW

‘Hey, we’re hitting the pool again tomorrow!’, the voice blared through the mobile. Tanya still found it hard to get used to Dori’s screechy voice. ‘And no more excuses this time!! Three times you’ve avoided going with us already!’

Tanya stumbled in her tracks, searching for a reply. ‘Ummm,Dori….I would love to come,’ she lied. ‘It’s just you know, Saturday mornings…I usually visit my parents as I told you before.’

‘OK, I hear you, we’ll go Sunday then!’ Tanya’s heart sank. ‘I’m guessing you’re pretty much free on Sundays? You don’t seem to be the church going type.’

‘Well…’ God, save me! 

‘Is that a yes?’

‘Umm, I’ll try.’

‘Don’t try. Just come, will ya? You never come out of that shell of yours! This will be fun, trust me!’ And she hung up.

Tanya wistfully glanced at the life-sized underwater photograph on the wall. The water, it beckoned her almost everyday. But they cannot know. They cannot know that when she takes a dip in the water, her legs turn to a fish’s tail. Her mission outside of sea was not yet complete, and secrecy was of utmost importance. So guess who’s pretending to fall sick this Sunday?

Photo Courtesy: Sonya

This was written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers event hosted by PricelessJoy.

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