Boats, and more boats!

Yes, yes, I know that today’s theme for Photo 101 is water and not boats! But you see – unbeknownst to me, I was harboring (pun intended) a fascination for boats ever since I’ve moved to the sea-side city.

So I have lots of photos indeed of boats on a beach. I like how it adds an other dimension to the seascape. Chennai has a thriving fishermen population and you see fishing boats almost everywhere on the seashore. I get quite curious to see them preparing their nets early morning. Venturing out into the sea in their humble little motorized boats, praying they’ll get a good catch. A lot of effort goes indeed to get the fish onto your plate.

It’s staring back at you.

And here’s one vertical shot as well!

2013 - 1

Oh, and do screenshots from video games count? 😛 This one’s from Skyrim, one of the most beautiful games ever made! So I do a fair bit of ‘photography’ inside the game world too.

TESV 2011-12-23 21-09-04-15

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