Street Lights

Light trails are an amazing by-product of digital photography, in my opinion. And they’re quite easy to do as well, all you need is a little knowledge on the Shutter Speed of your camera and how light generally works in a photograph.

The maximum shutter duration on my Lumia 830 is only 4 secs but that’s more than enough to capture light trails of vehicles at night.

So yes, this is my photo for today’s theme: Street

This was taken at a bus stop in Hyderabad, opposite to a mall. The man in my foreground would generally have been blurry, but thanks to his amazing standing skills (and my steady hands), he came alright! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Street Lights

  1. Hey! Awesome picture! How did you create a blogpost separately on photo 101? or how do you create posts on separate pages that you have on the menu bar on the top?


    • Thanks! The Menu bar at the top of my site is made up of the list of the categories that I have on my blog. I see that you have created a ‘Page’ for Photo 101. A page is just a single static entry and you can’t divide it into posts. A recommended way is to create blog posts and put them all in one Category – say ‘Photo 101’. So when you add the category to your menu bar, all your Photo 101 posts will show up together.

      Hope I was clear! Let me know for anything else.


      • Ahh okay! Got it. Thanks for the detailed reply. Makes perfect sense. I need to learn more about using WordPress along with the writing I guess 🙂 Thanks again!


  2. Long exposure photography – my favourite photography genre. And it is even more fun when you have a Lumia.

    Awesome shot you have clicked there!

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    • Long Exposure photography is unbelievably good! Lumia phones make it so easy to do all the complex stuff. I tried a DSLR recently. Man, it has a lot of buttons and controls!!

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