Fully Mooned

Today I learnt that the word ‘moon’ is also a verb which means: behave or move in a listless or aimless manner! 

And I guess in a way it applies to me too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to unmoon myself soon! (and no, that’s not a real word :P)

Anyway, it’s a full moon day here and I thought why not try and capture it. As you can see, this one certainly makes apparent the limitations of smartphone cameras. The long exposure (4 secs) gave me enough light on the background but the moon itself turned out overexposed, something that wouldn’t have happened I think with a DSLR camera.


4 thoughts on “Fully Mooned

  1. The 4 second exposure gets it just right if not the best.

    Psst. Add “-ing” to moon and search for it. It has a completely different meaning.


    • I’ve gotten some pretty amazing results in low light before with long exposure. I guess it throws your camera off when there is a light source in the frame, in this case the moon.

      And lol, yes, I saw that meaning of the word too when I looked it up.

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