At the Altar…

This is for the Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers Event.

This week’s photo prompt :

NO! He was not going to be the guy on whom the bride has run away on their wedding! And anyway, why would she? He shook away the faint uncertainty that’s creeping up on the back of his head. She loved him, she wanted this. Period. 

The crowd was getting inquisitive by the second. A few murmurs here, a few suppressed laughs there. Please don’t do this, Raquel! He fidgeted with his collar, shooting a tremulous smile at his granny in the front row. It felt like a thousand eyes were fixated on him in derision.

Just then, one of the bridesmaids rushed behind him whispering slyly in his ear, “She’s had a bathroom emergency!” After the ten longest seconds of his life, Raquel appeared across the hall, an apologetic smile on her face. That’s my girl! He heaved a sigh of relief.

“I’m never eating spicy food again!!!” she muttered when she was finally beside him.

Photo courtesy: PricelessJoy

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