Songs of the Week #3

And good music keeps pouring in! So this week I’ve got multiple songs across different languages that are worth a listen.

1. Title Track – Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Hindi)

Well, this is that instant hit of a love ballad from the director Mohit Suri yet again. Listen to it for the soulful tune and the completely heartfelt singing by Arijit Singh. This one song makes me so eager to watch the movie when it comes out. The video is absolutely smashing too.

2. Then Nila – Nee Naa (Malayalam)

Me being a sucker for the acoustic guitar, songs like this are just my cup of tea. A simple melody with very nice guitar strumming and very nice violin-laden interludes. What more could you want?

3. Entire Album – 36 Vayadhinile (Tamil)

Who would have thunk that we would hear epic orchestral scores in Indian cinema, but composer Santhosh Narayanan does it with gusto! Granted, most of it feels inspired but so do most of the musical scores these days, anyway. I highly recommend all the songs and score pieces from this.

4. Believe – Mumford and Sons (English)

Just another perfect song from Mumford and Sons that has got their signature all throughout. Especially love the intro, with that gossamer-like crooning in the background. Extremely likable and hummable, this one.

5. Sarod Theme – Piku (Instrumental)

Well, what can I say? My infatuation with this musical piece isn’t over yet. The more I listen to it, the more attached I get.

Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Songs of the Week #3

  1. Mumford and Sons!! ❤
    P.S. – I'm going through all the blogs after a month and seeing yours I feel, dude! he's written for almost everyday for the past month, that is 30 more than my average! 😛 *bows*
    P.P.S. – Happy travelling 😀


    • Well, I tried! 🙂 Anyway you were traveling for the whole month, so couldn’t have written anything anyway.

      Thanks! I’m back from Pondicherry now. It was a great trip. Though of course it fails to compare in front of yours. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ho no No NO! You can never say that! Travelling is travelling! Whether you do it for a few days or a year straight, you can never ever ever compare! And you went solo, that’s the best kind of travel ever! I will not be surprised if you had more adventures than me… 🙂


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